Anyone else want to share?

Please share your story. Even if you are not sure if you had the coronavirus, describe why you think it was. Please be kind to others. Remember, people are not getting proper care (or any care in my case) for this or even similar viruses. Sometimes all we can do is talk about it.

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On the Sunday I went out for a 10km run. I didn’t make it all the way through without doing some walking which is unusual for me (I run 35+ a week usually) but I put this down to maybe overdoing the efforts in the days leading up to it.
On Monday I felt tired, the place where I work sells sports and home hobby craft goods, and they were having a huge sales boost since lockdown and it was extremely busy. I attributed feeling run-down to the increased workload.
Tuesday, I felt fine.
Wednesday. I went out for a 5km run this morning and went pretty hard, earning a few PBs. Once I got to work, I started to feel tired again. Work was still busy but had calmed down a lot. I messaged my wife (who is a nurse) to suggest we just have pizza that night as I didn’t feel like I’d have the energy to cook. Again, I put it down to work and running but looking back this is unusual for me.
Thursday. Feeling very tired. I do a full day at work which is still busy but the quietest day of the week so far. My sister suggests a Skype chat as we haven’t seen each other for a while. I ask if we can do it at the weekend as I’m certain I won’t have the energy that night. I go to sleep around 9:30pm. I wake constantly to drink water as I have a near constant thirst and then get up to urinate about eight times. I feel very cold until I throw off the covers as I feel very hot. Finally get some decent sleep at around 5am and my alarm goes off at 7:30am.
Friday. At this point I know something is wrong, I take the short walk to work with the intention of maybe doing a morning to get them through a busy patch. When I arrive its clear that I am not going to be able to do that. I inform my boss through an open door that I’m not going to be able to work that day and walk home again. My only symptom at this point is that I am feeling very, very, worn out. I’ve been taking my temperature for the past few days and it has been normal. By around 2pm I feel absolutely fine and feel a little bit foolish for not being at work. I discuss going back to work on Monday with my wife as I have not displayed the ‘classic’ symptoms of fever and cough, I remain sceptical that its nCovid19.
Friday night at around 10pm I begin to shiver slightly whilst in the living room watching TV. We head to bed and I only sleep lightly due to feeling cold. I decide to get up and take some paracetamol to help with the chill and to get me to sleep. I take the pills and suddenly feel that something is very wrong. I either need to vomit or crap very badly. I hurry to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet with my head over the bath. The nausea makes it very hard to think and I end up laying with my head on my forearm as I shit badly. I sweat a lot and its dripping off my face. I finish and stand in front on the mirror. I am shocked by how grey I look. The whole episode lasts about ten minutes and as it passes, I feel much better. I clean up and get back to bed and a merciful sleep.
Saturday. Wake late and feel much better. I potter around the house until around 2pm when I feel very tired again. I head to bed and stay there. I know have a flu-like ache in my body. I can never settle on sitting up in bed or lying down and whilst the ache is there I would describe it as an irritation rather than a serious pain. By 10pm its gone and I feel fine again. I stay awake until round 3am waiting to feel the shivers come back but they never do. I sleep fine.
Sunday. I feel much better and the flu-like ache has gone. A slightly heavy feeling in my chest is present and I consciously take a few deep breaths and feel like I’m not quite taking in a full lungful. I feel as though I want to cough but it is easy enough to suppress the urge. I Call my boss to let him know I’m in seven days of isolation commencing from the Friday past. I sleep fine.
Monday. I now feel much better and a whilst the heavy chest is there it has gone by Monday night. I now feel tired from the events of the weekend and notice how different this feels from the run down feeling I had at work.
Tuesday. I consider myself fully recovered.
I am a thirty-nine-year-old male with no (known) underlying health conditions. I don’t take this for granted and consider myself very lucky.
I took my temperature through out and it never went into the levels specified by the UK government as being symptomatic. At the worst point of Friday night, it peaked at 37.4c. My resting temperature usually reads lower than normal anyway (I can be in the 34s and feel fine) so whilst the temperature was never high, it was high for me.
The incident in the bathroom has happened to me before. One day I had a headache so bad I left work early and went straight to bed. Later that night an episode of shivering preceded an almost identical episode of nausea and shitting to the one described above. This may not be a symptom of nCovid19 but maybe something my body does to rid itself of something.
In the UK a sense of tiredness and fatigued is the most reported symptom at 53%.
I have a sports watch that measures Spo2 levels and, whilst not being of a level suitable for medical diagnosis, never reported a level below 98%.
Whilst I may never know if it was nCovid19 (tests are not available so far and the so-called antibody test looks like it has to be taken within a timeframe that will have expired by the time they become available) This time off work was the first time off in over a year and it is very rare that I will have an illness that will put me in bed for any amount of time. Whilst I thought in the week preceding the first bad night that I was just tired its clear looking back that something else was happening.
So, it seems that I, a keen runner who has very few bouts of illness, have had a short illness that has put in bed for a day in a time of a worldwide pandemic. It does not seem out the realms of possibility that it was nCovid19
Was it that bad? Not really. If I had the choice between this and a cold, I would choose the three bad days over a week or two of cough and runny nose any day. But of course, colds are a much less serious thing to give to elderly loved ones.
My wife on the developed a cough on the Tuesday following my illness. This passed later that day but returned more severely two days later. The cough is more aggressive, and she has a headache which is strong enough for her to take a painkiller. The next day she is fine again and it does not return. She works with heart and lung transplant patients and understandably the hospital tell her to stay away for two weeks.

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